Blazers News · Blazer Bash Recap

The Athletics Department thanks all Blazers community members who actively participated in the Blazer Bash Week fitness challenges and spirit activities. It was exciting to see our K-12 community come together to be active, celebrate and unite, and to have some fun during these challenging times. Students from all divisions, parents/guardians, faculty, staff, and some young alums chose to engage with our activities. It truly felt like the whole school community participated.

As part of the Movement Monday Challenge, Blazer Nation was on the move. Over 750,000 steps were reported when all was said and done! Congratulations to our Movement Monday challenge winners! The Ramirez family combined for 75,740 steps and Van M. ’24 won the individual honors, with 30,108 steps!

On Team Gear Tuesday, we celebrated our favorite teams! Sara Fischer and her Intro to Calc class, as well as Coach John Ciochon showed the most spirit and won the Tuesday challenge.

On Workout Wednesday, the Blazers community was especially active completing thousands of fitness reps. A few performances stood out, with Middle School Cross-Country coach Gretchen Boehm completing 150 Burpees and Masha C. ’27 finishing 1,600 jumping jacks to win the day’s challenge.

Thursday was another incredible display of our community coming through for a good cause. A huge pile of winter gear and masks were donated as part of our Teen Feed Thursday Drive.

Friday was the time to showcase our Blazer Spirit! As many Blazers submitted their photos showing themselves decked out in Blue and White, the Athletics Department had a blast putting on the Blazer Bash Jeopardy Show. Over 400 people tuned in to watch the show and it surprised no-one when Head of School Percy L. Abram won the show after putting his broad knowledge of Blazers facts on display and deftly completing the given fitness challenges. A special thank you goes out to the Tech Department for helping with the setup for the livestream of the gameshow.

While the Bash may have looked different this year, Blazer Nation showed up when it counted. We enjoyed putting on the event, and look forward to being able to celebrate our school spirit in person again in the near future.